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Please let us handle your concrete polishing and waterproofing.

With high strength urethane as the main waterproofing, a balance using flexible rubber asphalt for resilient waterproofing in a composite waterproofing membrane is achieved. Leveraging waterproofing membrane features, due to formation of a seamless surface for areas with complex shapes, peeling ruptures do not occur at joints.


  1. Complete adhesion

    Whether for new construction or renovation, through substrate polishing and high-pressure washing, complete adhesion between the concrete surface and the self-adhesive waterproofing material is achieved. Unlike with ordinary waterproofing methods, we realize waterproofing that is free from water routes.
  2. Composite waterproofing membrane

    The elastic quality of rubber asphalt conforms to cracks, and the layers each play a role in creating a composite with tough, high strength urethane that can even tolerate automobile traffic.
  3. Protective concrete layer unnecessary

    Due to wear resistance, even parking lots can be accommodated with no need for protective concrete.
  4. Shortened construction period

    Because the super fast hardening material is sprayed on by machine, hardening time is short and construction period is shortened.

1. Before construction work

2. ASDOX(resilient waterproofing material)

3.SuperPaleo(main waterproofing material)