Rubber Asphalt―Urethene Rubber Composite Coaqting Film AXSP TEP 153 Method of Construction

Applications and Targets
  • New Construction:Concrete
  • Repair:Removal of Exsting Waterproofing and Base concrete、Protective Concrete Layer、Waterproofing of Exsting Polyurethane Coating film、Exsting AXSP Waterproofing
Outline of Construction Method

This is a multi-layer waterproofing method that combines two different waterproofing materials: urethane modified rubber asphalt waterproofing material and ultra-fast curing high-strength urethane rubber waterproofing material.

“Construction Technology Review and Certification Project” conducted by a third-party organization, it has been officially recognized that this is an excellent waterproofing method with a thin layer and high durability, and that it can be repaired or renovated next time by applying more layers.

Construction Technology Review and Certification

The AXSP TEP153 construction method had obtained the following three construction technology examination certificates

  • TEP153 has the same or better waterproofing performance compared to the adheasion method X-2 of the urethane rubber-Specifications for Public Building Renovation
  • By polishing the concrete, between the waterproof layer and the concrete can be obtained high adhesion without the primer process.
  • The waterproof layer of “TEP153” deteriorated with age are possible to be retrofitted without a overlay.

Compared with the conventional waterproofing method, it has high adhesion to the concrete surface layer and existing Urethane rubber waterproofing film, and it is a waterproofing method with high durability and crack-following performance by combining Urethane modified rubber asphalt waterproofing material and ultra-fast curing high-strength urethane rubber waterproofing material

1.It is more difficult to break than general single-later or composite waterproofing

2.It is thin and lightweight, yet highly durable and shock-resistant.

3.The renovation work does not need to be removed waterproofing layer and no waste is generated.

Quality Management

Quality Management

The AXSP TEP153 is managed by FoneN from product management to construction management, waterproofing warreanty, and aftercare


AXSP TEP153 method is provided with a responsible construction system. From removal of the existing waterproofing later to waterproofing installation, we provide a uniform construction system nationwide by certified contractors who have mastered advanced techniques.

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